Have yourself a Meelberg summer

By Vincent Meelberg

– Groove: A Phenomenology of Rhythmic
– Tiger C. Roholt (New York: Bloomsbury 214). A phenomenological study of
what I consider one of the most important aspects of music: groove.

– In the Blink of an Ear: Toward a
Non-Cochlear Sonic Art
– Seth
Kim-Cohen (New York: Bloomsbury 2009). And: 
The Tone of Our Times: Sound, Sense,
Economy, and Ecology
(Cambridge: MIT Press 2014). Two books on sound, but
discussed from different perspectives: art and ecology, respectively.

– Speaking Code: Coding as Aesthetic and
Political Expression
– Geoff Cox (Cambridge: MIT Press 2013). And: Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life – Rob
Kitchin and Martin Dodge (Cambridge: MIT Press 2011). 
Two books on another phenomenon
that I am fascinated with: software. These books approach software from a
cultural studies perspective.

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