Playing with Oneself

By Vincent Meelberg

“Because there were no opportunities to perform or even rehearse during Covid, band members either lost interest or were forced to do other things in order to make a living. As a result, I found myself alone with very little opportunity to play with other people.”

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Een wereld in het klein

Door Carlijn Cober

‘Welke kennis ligt in de liefde besloten?’ Carlijn Cober realiseert zich dat literaire analyse niet los kan staan van liefde. Ze denkt terug aan het college dat ze gaf over Frankenstein/Frankusstein en verkent de gevoelens die haar kinderwens oproepen.

De gift der giften: tijd

Saskia Kroonenberg

“Afgelopen april begon mijn tijd als docent Gender, diversity and culture aan de Radboud Universiteit. De eerste dagen van mijn nieuwe baan nam ik vakantie. Twee weken, om precies te zijn. Twee weken, totdat de lessen van mijn eerste vak begonnen. Weken om bij te komen van die grote deadline, waarnaar ik jarenlang had toegeleefd: het inleveren van mijn proefschrift…”

A Certain Rapture: A Glimpse into the World of First-Person Walker Games

By Frederik van Dam

“On Tuesday 7 June, the student association of the Arts and Culture Studies programme hosted a symposium on the relationship between art and pleasure. Invited to share a few thoughts, I thought I’d escape the confines of my home territory – literary studies – and talk about an art form that continues to exert a particular fascination, the art of videogames.”

The Arts: An Educational Review

By Edwin van Meerkerk

Education is, by definition, a future-oriented activity. Students learn to prepare themselves for the things to come. Teachers teach to help their students and contribute to tomorrow’s society. Whether one thinks that requires deep knowledge of traditions that give you a solid footing, or whether the future is seen as fundamentally incomparable to today’s society is immaterial: education deals with the future….

Video essay: Gunda (2020)

Tes Alma

In this video essay, made as part of the course Visual Culture, Tes Alma (3rd year ACW student) explores the post-anthropocentric dimensions of Victor Kossakovsky’s much praised documentary Gunda (2020).

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