Dennis Kersten’s summer reads

By Dennis Kersten


This Summer, I hope to finish
reading Adam Sisman’s biography of novelist and former British intelligence
officer John le Carré. I always read at least one big book: they slow you down,
which is the point of a holiday. I’m looking forward to reading Kate Tempest’s debut
novel, The Bricks that Built the Houses.
I was already impressed with her Mercury Prize nominated rap album Everybody Down; the novel is said to be
its companion piece. She is also compared to Virginia Woolf. I have heard that
one before, but that won’t stop me. Next on my list, and staying with biography
and pop music, is A Man Called
, Holly George-Warren’s life of Alex Chilton, who fronted the
influential 1970s power pop band Big Star. Last, I will read the new Dutch
translation of Robert Walser’s Jakob von

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