‘Do not use it until you need it!’

by Edwin van Meerkerk

Even to its own standards, Hollywood is copying itself more than ever, some have claimed. Copycat behaviour has, however, always been a trademark of American blockbuster movies. One fine example of this is the cult movie Krull, released in 1982. In a multimillion-dollar attempt to ride the waves of success created by the Star Wars trilogy – making it the most expensive film of the early 1980s –

director Peter Yates created yet another blend of science fiction and fantasy. Rather that telling a fairy tale fantasy story with space ships, as George Lucas had done, Yates introduced cyborgs and laser guns to a medieval style fantasy world. Enter

Krull is the ultimate example of a plan gone wrong (it has been noted before). Plot line, characters, costume and set design, in every detail of the film, ambition has blown up in the face of its maker. Having said that, Krull is certain to entertain you for the full two hours and one minute, even when you’re just wondering when our hero Colwyn will finally know when he finally needs his weapon (’Do not use it until you need it!’). And if you’re watching the movie with your friends, there’s a nice additional game: who spots Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List) or Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter) first?

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